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Vertex Race Car Batteries


Lighten up your race car, street car or hot rod!

Remove the heavy 20Kg battery and replace it with the BatteryDirect 5.8Kg Vertex DryCell.
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Email our specialist with the relevant detail of your machine and we will investigate and advise you accordingly.

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  • The Vertex Dry-Cell is available as a high discharge AGM battery.
  • It has the cranking power of wet cell batteries three times its size! This is due to the extremely low internal resistance which allows faster, more consistent starting. Recommended up to 2000CC - V1220HD CA400 plus 
  • The Vertex DryCell has been tested to crank engines with compression ratios as high as 12:1
  • The capacity of the Vertex DryCell is individually and electronically tested using "Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy" method before dispatch to exceed CA400A HD model
  • The Vertex DryCell is a completely sealed New Technology High Discharge AGM battery and can withstand the rigors of high performance street and racing environments.
  • The Vertex DryCell can be mounted in any orientation and is built with corrosion resistant terminals and is truly maintenance free
  • The Vertex DryCell has an excellent storage life and recharges very quickly
  • Any 12 volt charger can be used to recharge the Vertex DryCell but a low amperage charger/maintainer as listed below is recommended
  • The Vertex dry cell is being used successfully in circuit cars, Rally and speedway cars. Aircraft, Jetsprint boats and hotrods throughout New Zealand

Vertex DryCell V1220HD comes with 16mm (cable size) lugs to be crimped onto the battery cable. This design is used in many racing applications and GM vehicles to replace the side post design.

If your vehicle cables are fitted with lugs, in most applications they will bolt directly to the battery with the bolts and washers supplied. This style is designed to work with motorcycles and personal watercraft that have the terminals with 6mm holes or larger, attached to the factory battery cable.


Vertex DryCell dimensions

L181 x W76 x H167 5.8KG

V1220HD Exceeding CA400A

Part# V1220HD: $239.00 Inc. GST 

(or $215.00 inc GST for Car Club Members)

Recommended charger

Part # BC1216 $49.95 Inc GST.

Prevent sulphation

A Maintainer for off season or between events charging. Part# BC1216 $49.95 inc GST.

Battery isolator switch with Ignition cut out

Single pole - Silver contacts
100 amps @ 12v continuous - 500 amps for 5 seconds
Has secondary switch function - cuts ignition to prevent engine run on.
Part # BI 596: $103.00 inc GST



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