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Engine Oil heaters

BatteryDirect is the distributor for Wolverine Engine Heaters

Attach an engine heater to your vehicle, boat or commercial equipment's engine oil pan, and never again worry about cold starts.

Wolverine engine oil heaters put heat where it counts - IN THE OIL - for improved crankability in the most frigid weather. Tested to 80 below 0F.

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Odyssey PC680

BatteryDirect are distributors of the Odyssey range.

PC680, light weight, high performance race and rally car battery

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OZ Charge

The most affordable chargers available - designed for our conditions.

BatteryDirect is a stocking agent for the all new OZCharge intelligent battery chargers and maintainers

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Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy:


John Dale CEO Battery Technology New Zealand Ltd  has successfully completed and passed qualifying examinations  - Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: Measurement, Data Interpretation and Applications. The subject addresses corrosion of metals in aqueous solutions and lead acid battery chemistry. The course was conducted by Dr Qiu Jianhai -  BEng CEng PhD MIM FlCorr. Corrosion Specialist of Singapore. 12 December 2009 


The knowledge base is assisting in a clear concise tutorial John is writing under the banner Battery Academy.

The course will offer the participants a qualification:  Advanced Trade Certification in Battery Technology.


Exide Technologies Launches Two New Batteries

Premium Power Products for Heavy-Duty, Commercial, Marine and Specialty Markets

Designed with original equipment quality, the Exide MegaCycle(TM) AGM-200 is a lead-acid battery for heavy-duty, commercial, marine and specialty commercial applications. Exide's newest products offer increased power and enhancements over conventional, flooded group size 31 products.

The MegaCycle(TM) AGM-200 provides advanced deep cycle or starting power for high energy requirements in larger marine vessels, recreational vehicles and for other specialty applications including low-riders, mobility equipment and sump pumps.

THe battery is completely sealed with individual cell safety pressure valves and both are maintenance-free under normal operating conditions. Available in two power levels -- 925 cold-cranking amps (CCA)/200 minutes reserve capacity (RC) and 700 CCA/200 RC, the MegaCycle(TM) AGM-200 feature a highly efficient, flat plate absorbed glass mat (AGM) configuration. This advanced AGM technology makes them non-spillable under normal operating conditions and capable of being installed in almost any orientation (inverted not recommended). In addition, the batteries offer twice the cycling life, twelve times more vibration resistance, a 40 percent greater charge acceptance than conventional flooded group size 31 offerings. (Claims based on lab testing XMC-31/MegaCycle(TM) vs. conventional flooded 31 product). As soon a these two batteries are available, we will list them.



Golf Caddy battery now available

We have the Gel battery from Sonnenschien 12V 32AH unit at  $295.00.

These batteries are premium caddy units made in Germany and brought to NZ from the UK.


The highest quality 6Volt - 225 amp hour sealed lead acid hybrid battery

is now available.


6 volt batteries connected in series is the preferred method of achieving a 12volt 225AH house bank

avoiding the parallel connection issues.

Using the same foot print as the Trojan T105 and Endurant R220, the Toyama Hybrid is a

direct replacement. Even though it is sealed, the charging voltages are compatible with

the traditional flooded units avoiding any further modifications. The Toyama/ Synergy 6/225 is now

in stock and are proving to be really popular. Read about Hybrids





The Vertex Dry Cell battery is now available in two discharge rates. The demand for an affordable battery for over 2000CC competition vehicles has made available the V1220HD. The V1220HD typically produces in the vicinity of CA490. As always, we electronically test every battery and supply a printed report before we send it to you. We also have available a high performance Battery Isolating switch with Ignition "cut out"  Goto our Vertex page to see more


Lighten up your race car, Rally, street car or hot rod!

Remove the heavy 20Kg battery and replace it with the BatteryDirect 5.8Kg Vertex DryCell.



Vertex DryCell dimensions


L181 x W76 x H167 5.8KG

V1220 Exceeding CA300A       Available now

V1220HD Exceeding CA400A   Available now




Recommended charger

Battery Isolator Switch    


  With Ignition Cut out feature   


Vertex DryCell V1220 comes with 16mm terminals to be crimped onto the battery cable. This design is used in many racing applications and hot street cars.

If your vehicle cables are fitted with lugs, in most applications they will bolt directly to the battery with the bolts and washers supplied.

This style is designed to work with motorcycles and personal watercraft that have the terminals with 6mm holes or larger, attached to the factory battery cable.


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