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Engine Oil Heaters Eliminate Cold Starts


Engine Oil Heaters Eliminate Cold Starts

Better than Block Coolant Heaters & EPA Friendly

Attach a Wolverine engine heater to your vehicle engine's sump and never again worry about cold starts. Wolverine engine oil heaters put heat where it counts -
IN THE OIL - for improved crankability in the most frigid weather. Tested to 80° below 0°.

Unlike block, dipstick or other types of engine heaters, Wolverine engine oil heaters evenly spread heat throughout the vehicle engine from the bottom up,
heating the oil to near operating temperature. The result: Easier Starting & Less Engine Wear.

The Engine Heater Advantage

  • Fast, easy and inexpensive installation - peal-N-stick
  • Improves crankability at the coldest extremes and saves battery power
  • Uses up to 50% less electricity than conventional block heaters
  • Virtually eliminates cold-start wear
  • Used in US and foreign military and government applications - #98-752
  • Provides immediate lubrication
  • Heats internal components more thoroughly than other engine heaters
  • Exclusive two-year limited warranty protects your investment

Engine oil heaters also work for a number of other cold weather applications: Hydraulic & Heating Oil Tanks, Livestock Water Tanks, Farm Tractors, standby generators...

  • The Very Best Starting Aid Available
  • Heat The Complete Engine, Not just Warm the Cylinder Heads
  • Marine, Mining & Construction Equipment
  • Hydraulics Systems - Operate Equipment at Summer Speeds
  • Transmissions, Gearboxes, Hydraulic Rams
  • Storage Tanks, Livestock Water Tanks

Engine Heaters make sure your car, truck, boat and any commercial engine starts when you need it the most.

From your dock, driveway or racetrack, Engine Heaters gets everyone to the finish line even in the coldest weather.

4x4 in snowRally car in snow

Virtually eliminates start up smoke on diesel engines marine EPA friendly.

EPA Friendly reduces diesel emissions for heavy equipment.

Models and Pricing

Product DescriptionDimensions mmSump Oil Capacity - litresPrice inc GST and Delivery in NZ
Model 4.5 - 50 watts 32 x 90 .95 ~ 1.9 149.00
Model 9 - 125 watts 76mm dia round 2.85 ~ 5.7 158.00
Model 9.1- 125 watts 38 x 152 2.85 ~ 5.7 159.00
Model 16 - 250 watts 95 x 108 4.7 ~ 12.3 199.00 Thermostatically controlled
Model 40 - 500 watts 127 x 178 12.3 ~ 25.5 268.00 Thermostatically controlled
Model 80 - 1000 watts 152 x 299 24.6 ~ 45.4 389.00
Battery Heater 140 x 216 N/A 119.00
Fuel filter heater 12v 100w 102 x 305 N/A 195.00
Fuel filter heater 12v 50w 76 x 228 N/A 195.00


Fitting tips -

  1. The pad has a self adhesive surface to stick to the sump
  2. Your oil sump heater needs a smooth surface to function at optimum performance.
  3. If your oil sump has ridges and is not smooth you can easily fix that. Simply apply a metal based composite filler and sand it smooth. (A non metal based composite may insulate but we need to conduct the heat - For instance LPS Strong Steel Stick.)
  4. When fitting the heater to a boat engine - go down a size.
  5. When fitting to a boat engine with less than 300mm clearance to a fibre glass bottom, fit a heat deflector to the bottom.


Engine Oil Heaters


What others have to say


I have them on my diesels and love them. I would not hesitate to put them on gassers if it was a very well maintained engine room. Some owners have hardwired them as well which may give you and others more piece of mind.

2004 Meridian 411 "YOLO"
Fuzzy boat math: Model Name 411, Hull Length 43, LOA 46


I have the 250's as well and do not winterize the engines. I live aboard 7/24/365 on the Chesapeake. I would winterize if I lived a good distance from the boat though. I want to get one for me genset but I'm not sure where to put it... yet.

I also leave them on all of the time (except when the engines are running). It may be a little over kill in the summer but I don't care... the twins seem happy so they stay on

2004 Meridian 411 "YOLO"
Fuzzy boat math: Model Name 411, Hull Length 43, LOA 46


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