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How do I know which is the correct battery for me?

Battery technology continues to keep pace with the special needs we place on them. Remember when a battery was a battery - no more!
Different applications demand different battery technologies and generalising just won't do any more.
For the longest battery life, choose the right one for the job.

Motor Vehicles

Looking for a replacement for your car? Listed are the latest Calcium Excell maitenance-free (MF) range to give you the very best technology.

Marine Batteries

Find the difference between Deep Cycle, Start and Automotive Batteries. How big they should be, when to use 'flooded' 'AGM' or 'Gel' and how to charge them.


House batteries listed in Marine section and the start battery in Automotive.

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Arguably, the lead acid battery for the future.

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  • And more - You will find all the information you need to make your new battery last as long as possible.
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You see, most batteries die prematurely. We kill them - We over-charge them, we under-charge them - we discharge them at the wrong rate - we keep them at the wrong temperature and anything else one can think of to kill them off.

Now's your chance to give the poor thing and your wallet a break.

Work with me and we'll get it right.

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