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A global brand with a solid reputation and technical image among VRLA battery consumers. Brand longevity is a key feature of this product line which was first developed in 1957. It benefits from the positive quality image of German industry. Available in ranges from 7,12 and up to 18 years life, Sonnenschein® has produced more than 30 million batteries. Positive features are: EXPERIENCE, ROBUSTNESS, RELIABILITY. Sonnenschein® stands for dryfit-Technology . Click for range



POA is determined by the voltage of the bank or number of blocks required. 


Carbon boost  

The success of A400 batteries comes from the superior dryfit technology, available in a wide range of models to provide
a solution for every power need.    Click for the range



  Energy storage solutions for critical systems that require uninterrupted power supply             Click for range brochure



Solar Gel blocks    Click for the range



8RP/670,  6RP/830, 6RP/1080, 4RP/1330, 4RP1600  Click for range



Energystore Gel   Click for brochure


Industrial Network

The J-Series JTT is a cost - effective
and reliable power back up source in
various industries such as telecom,
data centres, banking and finance, etc.  Click for brochure



GNB® Industrial Power offers reliable energy storage solutions for critical systems requiring uninterrupted power supply. With a comprehensive product range based on state-of-the-art technologies. GNB delivers the right battery for every application. Front terminal     Click for range


Relay Gel

12v units from 30AH to 104AH @ C20  Click for brohure



 Lead Carbon 12v 250AH block    Click for details



Where conventional VRLA AGM batteries struggle to cope with
harsh conditions and frequent power outages, EON Technology
makes PowerSafe SBS 2V and 12V batteries the perfect solution for
the challenging operating conditions of today’s telecommunication
networks. The specification of PowerSafe SBS EON Technology also
makes SBS B14 - 900 suitable for large-scale UPS and off-grid
energy storage applications. Click for details  Clich for details



 Industrial Power storage  Click



 Century Yuasa remote power systems   Click



 Photovoltaic Power Supply  Click for Brochure



Sun Power OPzV series for cyclic applications  Click for brochure


Ride on mower

Bosch U1R 230B - Right hand terminal orientation                                                Bosch U1-230 B - Left hand terminal orienation

12V 230CCA battery 109.00 Bosch S3 Premium U1-230B Lawn Mower Battery 230cca

Golf Carts

Trojan / T105

6 volt - 225 amphour 409.20  

Trojan / T875 

8V 160AH @ c20 427.80  

 US Batts US2000

6 volt - 220 amphour 335.29  


8 Volt - 170 amphour 371.33  

Century / C105   by US Batts

6 volt - 225 amphour 336.00  

Golf caddy


Sonnencshien GF12014YF L 181  W 76  H 167

12 volt - 15AH $195.40  

Sonnenschien GF12022YF L 167  W 175  H175



12 volt - 24 amphour $233.20  

Sonnenschien GF12025YG L 197  W 132 H180

12 volt - 28AH $285.04  

Sonnenschien GF12033YG2 L210 W176 H 126

12 volt - 38AH $289.00  

Panasonic LCXC12-21P  L.180  W.75  H.170

12V - 21AH $241.90  

Panasonic LCXC12-28P L.165  W.125  H.175

12V - 28AH $241.90  

Remco EV512A-24  L 166  W 175  H 125

12v - 26AH 220.24

Mobility Vehicles

Yuasa REC22-12  L 181  W 76  H 167    Application guide

12v - 22AH 129.28  

Yuasa REC36-12  L 196  W 130  H 169    Application guide

12V - 36AH 253.10  

Yuasa REC50-12  L 197  W 165  H 175    Application guide

12V - 50AH 327.88  

Yuasa REC80-12  L 259  W 168  H 213    Application guide

12v - 88AH 581.26  

Century C12-55DA  L 229  W 138  H 235  Application guide

12v - 55AH 416.53  

NeutonPower 18 hole LiFePO4   Includes charger, bag and cables.               (24AH Lead acid equivalent)

12v - 16AH  448.00

NeutonPower 36 hole LiFePO4   Includes charger, bag and cables.               (36AH Lead acid equivalent)

12v - 22AH 544.00
Powacaddy Endurant GU1H 32AH Gel 12 volt - 32 amphour  $373.97        
Childs ride-on bike Powersonic PS6100 6 volt - 12 amphour $40.28  
Enviro mower PSH12100FR (Requires 2 - 24V System) 12V 10.5AH 69.00  

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Silicon battery

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7 ~ 250AH



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Not sure what battery you need? Talk to the specialist. Contact us now.
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