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Battery Academy International.


Battery Academy International - is coming soon

This correspondence course addresses Electrochemical Battery theory and application.

Focusing on Lead Acid Batteries - the course has an accreditation of:

"Advanced Trade Certification in Battery Technology"

A powerful tutorial for an emerging dynamic $68 billion Industry.

Knowledge and Qualification is a powerful personal sales tool within an Industry whether you are selling yourself to an employment position or selling a product. Your customer, be it your potential employer or purchaser will have the confidence in you to trust and believe the advice you are offering.
The personal satisfaction of enlightenment and a knowledge base to allow you to move on to further understanding your product in greater depth will open up opportunities with higher kudos and income levels. The confidence you feel when explaining an issue to an intent listener enhances your posture power among colleagues.

  • The course is designed to qualify frontline Field Technicians, designing and installing power and power management systems in the Marine Industry, RV, Automotive and most commercial applications.
  • It will qualify the technician to expedite diagnostics in a commercially viable manner.
  • It will qualify the Sales staff dealing with customer enquiries and supply at an advanced level.
  • Business managers taking the course will have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the complexities his business and staff are dealing with every day and be in an improved position to manage.
  • The course "Advanced Trade Certification in Battery Technology" is complete with no pre requisite.

The courses will address primarily Lead Acid technologies we see today in common everyday use. To understand the strengths and weakness in any given application and the technology to best suit. It will take into account the variables encountered such as global environment, ambient temperatures, local environment, usage and consumer expectations.

These are just a few considerations in selecting the most suitable battery brand and model.

The course consists of 6 modules

  • Electricity and Schematic Fundamentals
  • Electrochemical Theory
  • Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
  • AGM Batteries
  • Gel Batteries
  • Charging and Power Management


Battery Academy


Our vulnerability and reliance on oil is putting us in danger and everyday we are being threatened by global unrest and a finite oil supply. It has awakened and accelerated our need to revert to one of the few natural phenomena available to us to allow the human race to continue to coexist with its environment - mobile power.

Our world has become ever more mobile and almost all tools and creature comforts are electrically driven. The demand for more efficient electrochemical storage batteries is increasing at an alarming rate. For instance, today Hybrid vehicles are being developed by almost all major car manufacturers autonomously or in joint ventures and are relying on the development of cheaper, lighter and smaller batteries for their success. Communications, position monitoring, detection and entertainment devices are all mobile power consumers. The reliance on "mission critical" floating battery banks to power UPS systems in the Power, Telecommunications, Health, Financial Institutions and Military is enormous.

The course will be available in English language only and primarily available in the USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Course duration may normally take 6 months or fast tracked to qualification where desired.

Qualification carries our

"Advanced Trade Certification in Battery Technology"

To register your early interest, please email

BatteryAcademy International - a PTE, is supported and indorsed by BatteryDirect and Gulf Harbour Electronics Ltd.




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